Software Architecture Consultation

Our system integration capabilities address the complete life cycle of a solution from requirement analysis, solution development, installation, testing, and end user training and vendor management.

  • The focus of the Architecture Consulting service practice is to provide high quality technical expertise to our clients.
  • Accura-Tech offers strategic consulting offerings that assist customers to define the fundamental software architecture for their enterprises, in addition to making correct technology choices based on current industry trends. The architectural services include planning the re-engineering of legacy systems, componentization, and integration.
  • We undertake performance engineering consulting, using benchmarking and tuning techniques, to ensure that the architecture chosen is guaranteed to perform and be scalable. Structured capacity planning models allow hardware and software infrastructure to be planned in a methodical manner.
  • Complex IT systems require sophisticated systems management. This is applied to guide product selection and to drive the training, configuration and implementation required to effectively exploit the potential of such products. Networking consultants assist customers in defining and evaluating network architecture for their enterprise needs.
  • Accura-Tech insists on working closely with customers to position the technology within an architecture that brings them the greatest business benefits in a cost- effective manner.
  • Our consultants have an in depth understanding of technology internals and are experienced in Specialized areas. They possess the capabilities to guarantee that the consulting, software support and delivery carried out is pragmatic and geared up to take on the competition.