Quality Assurance


Accura-Tech ensures that the newly developed mobile application is compatible with all popular mobile devices and most importantly, meets the Client’s requirements.

This assurance is guaranteed through our testing framework where the app will be subjected to a torrent of tests including strategies such as systems integration testing (SIT) and user acceptance testing (UAT). The SIT involves testing against all releases of the latest mobile operating systems and other device integrations. The UAT links all the Client users to collect feedback and fine-tune the app.

Accura-Tech is equipped with all the different mobile devices and necessary networks and systems required for testing a new mobile application along with an experienced and dedicated quality assurance team.

Leveraging on Accura-Tech’s vast experience in quality controlling websites and mobile applications, we have a Quality Assurance (QA) framework which can be applied to a wide array of products. Our specialized team are geared to ensure that your product has been quality assured from every angle including root cause analysis and product quality improvements.
Accura-Tech constructs websites according to Client-approved design concept .psds and the build layout guidelines. Following the development of the website, we ensure that the aesthetic appeal of the site is a 100% match with the conceptual design.