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Who We Are

Accura-Tech was formed to meet the outsourcing needs of global organizations. We provide the most highly advanced, cost effective solutions for computing, accounting and data management needs.

Quality Control: We provide CMM Level 4-5-6 and ISO9000 on all projects to meet international standards.

Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with offices in the United Kingdom, we are able to provide high quality reliable services to meet clients’ outsourcing needs. Our expertise has been built up over a number of years in IT and software development.

We pride ourselves in supporting our clients, giving them the confidence to meet their immediate and long term objectives.

Our Vision

Accura-Tech’s vision is rooted in our history and our multicultural backgrounds. We recognize the reality of the world today and the continuing challenges we face. Our Corporate Vision is founded on five key principles.

These statements together form a shared ambition for all our employees and a worldwide commitment to live in a world that works for everyone.

  1. Value will be our competitive advantage: In a competitive world we expect our clients to demand the best.
  2. Change is our Opportunity to move ahead: Without change there is no progress.
  3. Innovation is our challenge in everything we do: We will only deliver to our customers the best and innovate in everything we do.
  4. Waste we do not tolerate: If we cannot do it we will tell you.
  5. Our Standards: We measure ourselves against world-class standards.

We are a business with family and spiritual traditions in which people are valued as individuals. Together we recognize that in a fast changing world the only guarantee to success is to offer innovation and value.

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