Drupal is one of the best PHP based CMS geared with an enormous amount of functionality out of the box to have your dream fulfilled with reliability and guaranteed satisfaction to meet your business goals. The Drupal has been popular among the community as a CMS, but if one digs deeper into it he’ll finds that it can be used as a base framework, one off solution or tool to leverage functionality. This gives both the designers as well as for developers the chance to test their limits to extreme.

The default Drupal solution comes with a collection of functionalities that lets you to create a web site with minimum effort. If you need more functionality into your site then all you have to do is to expand your imaginations to extreme because Drupal has all or most of the functionality that you imagined to do as readily downloadable out of the box solutions. With Drupal even you can build systems without requiring to do a simple programming effort because everything in there is automated. Most of your requirements can be achieved through its very powerful mechanisms such Blocks, Nodes, Views, CCK, etc…

Meeting the design and aesthetics of a site are very important aspects to consider in creating a fresh, appealing, yet still functional and user-friendly website. With Drupal you can very easily achieve them thanks to its inbuilt, easily customizable theming engine. There a wide array of theming modules out there to choose from, such as the popular ‘CSS Zen Garden’ based Zen theme, Garland theme, Bluemarine theme, Minnelli theme, etc…

The ‘CSS Zen Garden’ based Zen theme provides a very flexible mechanism to customize the positioning of the components to meet the overall as well as to a specific section of your design while adhering to standards-compliant and semantically correct XHTML that can be highly modified through CSS.

When we look at the design you might find ones with a three column layout having sidebars on either sides or both, or two column layouts with a sidebar on left or right or fluid layout with a sidebar on left or right, etc… With the blend of both the Zen theme and the Zenophile module it’s just a matter of you giving the dimensions of each section and state whether it should be fixed or fluid layout, then the system will do the rest. Rest is up the designer to let go his dream design crafted on the site without any limits.

Over here we make use of its flexible theming mechanism, with the use of Zen theme and the Zenophile module to craft the look and feel of the site while preserving its aesthetics to meet the craziest and wieldiest dream of your design. For us it’s just the matter of getting the design delivered to our door step, we’ll make sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.