Remote Office


As general living costs such as transportation, office space rent, business tax, and national insurance have been on the rise, the act of hiring highly skilled individuals for specialized services has become extremely challenging when developing and expanding a business (SME) in UK, Europe or USA. So what if there was a way for your company to grow an extra arm and carry out these proficient services at a reasonable cost and with minimal effort? Sounds too good to be true but a perfectly aligned remote office can do exactly that!

Cultivating a business in the areas of education, accounting, advertising and software development has proven to be highly profitable when certain developments can be outsourced to a remote office. This particular remote office should have an enriched European soaked culture and know which elements to carry out in the UK and which to carry out at the remote office.

Accura-Tech’s remote office is basically a UK office away from home. This is due to Accura-Tech’s understanding of UK culture and work ethic as the CEO has spent most of his life in the UK and has imparted all his knowledge and experience to his workforce and stringently ensures that the culture is followed.

There are some challenges faced when dealing with a remote office workforce such as trust, credibility, technical know-how, communication, attitude and meticulous attention to detail. These challenges should be mitigated in order to maximize the benefits of interacting with remote offices.


Website development and maintenance is now a fundamental requirement for the success of every business in the world. Web development elements include web design, content, videos and images for marketing, e-commerce for the sales of products and services, hosting the website and maintenance of the content of the website on a daily basis.

Promotion of the website to reach potential customers is crucial to differentiate it from the millions of websites online. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) coding standards are required. Accura-tech’s remote office offers all these services to empower your presence on the World Wide Web.


At the inception, when Accura-Tech offers their remote office services to a Client, training on certain processes in the Client company is required to train the remote staff in order to follow an agreed upon process and monitor progress to meet certain quality standards.

  • Continuous training of the workforce

    Accura-tech’s workforce is constantly trained in the latest technologies, trends and cultural changes of the western world.

  • Following a well-organized process (methodology)

    Accura-Tech follows a seasoned methodology to align their processes with the Client’s.

  • Highly concentrating on attention to detail and quality

    The remote office liaises with the Project Manager in the UK who iteratively demonstrates the solution to the Client and continuously improves the development until the Client is completed satisfied.



Involving specialists who have expertise in areas not economically available in the UK and US.


Being in the field for over 20 years has made us experts in applying the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition.


Availability of cheaper labor, whilst not compromising on the quality of output.


Ability and feasibility to concentrate and strengthen the core business processes of the Client.


The Client’s recruitment and operational costs can be minimized to a great extent.


Allows for expansion and diversification of the Client’s business.


Remote offices work while you sleep and have flexible working hours and support.


More time and resources can be devoted for the Client to market and carry out research and development for innovation.


Remote office staffs are usually entrenched in forums and communities where cutting edge solutions and trends are shared on the latest web development technologies.


  • Cultural issues

    Although bother parties would be communicating in the English language, certain nuances can be lost in translation due to the cultural differences being oceans apart. Accura-tech’s workforce has bridged this gap with their extensive experience in working with clients in the UK. Nothing is presumed and clarifications are always made in cases of ambiguity.

  • Exposing confidential data

    There is always an element of risk when dealing with the company’s bank account details when setting up the e-commerce component of the website. However, Accura-Tech offers non-disclosure documents to ensure everything is legal and transparent to the Client.

  • Delivery time frames

    Managing milestone deliverables are exceptionally tricky when working with a remote office. Nevertheless, Accura-Tech’s Project Manager Representative would always be present in the UK to communicate the project status and ensure that the deliverables are presented to the Client on the agreed upon date and time.

  • Physical face-to-face meetings are difficult

    Having not met any of the remote office workforces can leave the Client with a certain amount of distrust and lack of confidence due to not having that intangible constituent of “rapport” with the staff. In order to mitigate this concern, Accura-Tech’s Project Manager in the UK and Harsha the CEO would travel back and forth to maintain the require relationship and understanding with the Client. The developers at the remote office also have in place the latest video conferencing technology to make every meeting with the Client as interactive as possible.

  • Customer prioritization

    In reality, the remote office does not serve just one Client but Accura-Tech does not prioritize. Every customer is treated with equal priority.

  • Time zone issues

    There usually is a large time gap, which would make meetings and deliverables a little problematic. Accura-Tech is however highly flexible and will always be available to support the Client at his/her convenience. After the Client closes shop, Accura-Tech will tirelessly strive to develop and deliver a prototype to pleasantly surprise the Client, the morning after.

In order to rise above the competition, a remote office is an essential extension of one’s own company. We convert challenges to benefits, endlessly train our workforce, have been following a seasoned methodology for years and focus on delivering a product of the highest quality according to the Client’s satisfaction.

When managed and integrated correctly, the remote office would minimize your costs and increase efficiency along with the myriad of other benefits enumerated in this case study. Accura-Tech will provide your specialized office operations with just a click and a call away.