Resource Integration

Accura-Tech adopts an innovative approach to managing its resources. We manage and drive an intricate web of resources following a precise understanding of the Client’s project requirements where the most fitting resource is mapped to a specific task in the project.

Due to our extensive reach and management of reliable resources achieved through years of experience, Accura-Tech maps project activities including project management, architecture, design, development, quality assurance, online marketing and off line marketing to specialists from all across the globe.

Illustrating this concept further with an example of a UK based Client, Accura-Tech recognises the most suitable Architect to be used from Sri Lanka, the most appropriate Project Manager and designer in the UK, the best team for mobile and Java development in Sri Lanka or the finest for Ruby on Rails in the UK. Furthermore, Accura has its own in-house team which also acts as a hub to develop, reach and recruit teams and manage them smoothly as if they were under the same localised office.

It is an extremely challenging task to manage this mapping of global resources to every project but with years of experience, we are the frontrunners of this model and have yielded a highly satisfied customer base. Please refer our many case studies highlighting Accura’s resource integration formula.