IVA Food Product Logistics Management Platform

IVA provide a solution through their Food Product Logistics Management Platform. I-VA Connects developing multi-tenant software as a system by which multiple tenants and its user can access the system and enjoy the Digitized food safety world.


Managing the Food Safety Management System, Including creating a HACCP plan was a very big problem in the food business. Thousands of companies and food businesses are in trouble with their compliance documents and questions like What is HACCP; What is the HACCP process; What is HACCP certification, etc. i-VA Connect, a new age digital start-up, targeting the challenges in the food ordering logistics management.

Main objective of this system is to create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that allows the user to perform various tasks (Processes) and record them in the system.

I-VA connect Platform can be viewed as composed for People, Product & Process.

  • People refer to add users & perform various tasks in the system.
  • Product refers to adding a new master product to the system, keeping it in stock, and tracking the stock at various stages of the process.
  • Processes refers to various processes to keep the food product hazard free.

Key functionalities:

  • Administrators and It’s Users Management
  • Tenants and It’s Users Management
  • Product Management
  • Good Inward CP 1 Processes
  • Production process
  • After Cook Sheet
  • Cooling Process
  • Reheat Sheet
  • Hot Hold Sheet
  • Cold Traceability
  • Cleaning Traceability
  • Allergens Sheet
  • Alerts
  • Reports

User Registration

Production process

Hot hold traceability

Cleaning traceability

Add master products

Good inward process

Cold traceability