Land Registry e-DRS

Land Registry’s e-DRS provides a faster and more cost-effective way for customers to submit and receive applications.


Business e-services customers use electronic document registration service (e-DRS) to submit applications to change the register electronically.

Use e-DRS electronic services instead of paper applications for:

01. A faster and more accurate service
02. Lower postal costs
03. Lower fees for some services
04. A reduced environmental impact
05. An electronic audit trail to help prevent fraud

Project: An Online Service for the HM Land Registry electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS)


  • We offer a web-based application to facilitate all scenarios related to the e-DRS.
  • We communicate with the Land Registry business services via Web Services using SOAP – an industry-proven standard for communication between systems using XML.
  • Our online service exposes Web API 24×7, and calls from any platform using a secure communication channel.

Target Users: Legal conveyancers and lawyers

Technologies Used:

  • Microsoft .NET Core – back-end development
  • Google Angular 11: front-end development
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 – the database
  • IIS for On-Premise hosting