Video Marketing

The new trend is now video SEO where the term “Video SEO” can be abbreviated as “vSEO”. It is used to describe the optimization of video content for search engine traffic. Video can be a valuable, immersive and incredibly engaging form of content delivery.

Your site may have fantastic videos but they may not be viewed by your target audience because of poor technical implementation. A successful video marketing strategy ensures that your specific target audience watches them at the right time and in the right place.

Video SEO strategy benefits:

  • You can double your search traffic by having a video thumbnail in your search results
  • Videos can get more organic page ranks in Google than plain text results
  • Your eyes are more likely to focus on video thumbnails than plain text search results
  • Video contents that engage with your customers, give them a good reason to keep coming back to your website
  • Video search results have higher click through rates than plain text results
  • You can increase your brand exposure on YouTube and reach new audiences