CAD & 3D Drawings & Animation Solutions

Globally, architects are continually looking for online services to create precise 3D models and architectural drawings. Interacting with clients and perfecting the designs according to their specific requirements is a time consuming task requiring several resources. An efficient and effective method is required to expedite these tasks and outsource these back office operations.

Accura_tech has perfected an online service enabling architects, designers and engineers to delegate their services. Accura_tech offers a service whereby companies can deliver their sketches and be sure of high-quality work and fast turnaround.

We use the latest communication technologies and conform to all international standards.

  • Use of high-quality architectural expertise to swiftly provide CAD/CAM and Vector-Works drawings
  • Ability to produce special effects with Studio Max and Maya
  • Handling a business’ back office architect operations therefore releasing time to concentrate on core operations
  • Specialized trained team to directly interact with the client using high-quality screen sharing and video conferencing software

Animation /Post Production /3D

We are able to offer clients quality animation work. We are able to offer On Line Post Production services which include: