Back Office Operations

Accura-Tech remotely undertakes your secretarial (legal, financial, medical, civil, etc.) operations in order to reduce the time, money and pains of hiring, overlooking and maintaining staff.

Our technology center in Sri Lanka offers excellent IT expertise for competitive prices. In the UK, a single employee space costs at least £1500 per month excluding a basic salary. The minimum wage for a clerical employee will be approximately £15,000 per annum (Subject to skill set. We can offer employees from £5,000 per annum).

Accura-Tech will be your virtual back office eliminating all the hassles of hiring staff, overseeing processes and maintaining your back office operations. Outsource it to us.

In this highly competitive business world, companies prefer to outsource their core back-office operations to improve their operational effectiveness in order to achieve better customer satisfaction and improve the shareholder value.

Global companies outsource their time-consuming costly operations to cut down on costs and focus on the business strategies and quality standards at hand.

We provide back-office services for the following verticals:

  • Financial
  • Architectural and draughtsman services