Elite EL

Secured Perfection, Talented Selection

Elite EL is ideally suited for software developers who need highly-secured dongle in encryption scheme for protecting high end products from being pirated. Because of an excellent chip (EAL 5+) enables it to stand out from any similar products in the market for last 5 years. Up to now, there is no successful crack reported on its hardware. Furthermore, the Code-Port tech is applied based on such a concrete container in order to shield the key code from being possible intercepted.

  • EL Genii

    Besides the identical technical attributes as EL STD, the major difference between Genii and other dongles is its super fit size, two coined thickness only, 2.8g in weight. Placing in your hand can barely make you feel its existence. It is…

  • EL STD

    ISO made explicit manufacturing norms (ISO/IEC 10373, ISO/IEC 15408) and formulated the international criteria EAL (Evaluation Assurance Level) into 1-7 grades for scientifically evaluating the chip security. The higher of the grade, the securer the chip is. EAL 5+ is…

  • EL RTC

    EL Rtc is a successful hybrid of EL Std and real-time clock. Its time calculation can be purely depend on the inside clock which is battery-driven and sustainable for at least 3 years. Its unique design is to terminate the misuse of…


    EL Rtcc, with its performance totally the same as common EL Rtc and generally as normal Elite EL, has a unique attribute that its battery can be repeatedly charged&discharged. In addition, EL Rtcc can also get charged during its running…

  • EL NET

    EL Net is absolute design for lowering deployment cost by plugging at server side. Developers could made self control how many peers to support. Without manual adjustment, EL Net balances the networking load with other EL Net devices and initiates the service automatically. Besides that, EL Net is able to create, edit…

  • EL Drive

    The flash embedded is high-speed USB 2.0 device with the maximum write speed over 10Mb/s; the maximum read speed over 20Mb/s.The maximum capacity of flash drive chip supports 16Gb, and memory chips are of high quality MLC or SLC…