CrypKey developed the original software-based copy protection and licensing system featuring easy licensing, dynamic encryption and enhanced anti-hacking capabilities.

Main Features
  • Protects any executable file, including most DLLs
  • Prevents reverse engineering
  • No hardware key ("dongle") or disk key required
  • Fast, easy set-up
  • Permits you to market free demos of your software
  • Facilitates easy Internet distribution
  • Eliminates product shipping; enables phone, fax, email or automated authorization
  • Permits you to specify the terms of free product trial by potential users with our Ready-To-Try Feature

System Requirements
  • 486 (or better) microprocessor with 64MB RAM
  • 25MB hard drive space free space
  • VGA color monitor & mouse
  • Windows 2003, NT, XP or 2000 or ME

Note - CrypKey Instant requires that approximately 1 Meg or 10 files be appended to or distributed with the application EXE. This information is not necessarily true. CrypKey Instant does require that you append around 10 files to the application, however CrypKey Instant and stealth also add size to the application, themselves. The size added to the application depends on the application.

CrypKey Instant Demo

CrypKey Instant provides all the security of CrypKey SDK but takes only five minutes to install and requires no written code. CrypKey Instant protects 16 or 32 bit programs under Windows or DOS platforms. It can also protect most DLLs.

CrypKey Instant provides the same security as SDK, it is fast and simple to use. You can protect your EXE or DLL in five minutes. CrypKey Instant does not require source code changes. CrypKey Instant is supported on Windows ME, NT, 2000, XP or 2003. CrypKey Instant can protect 16 or 32 bit applications.

After protecting with CrypKey Instant, prepare your software for automatic authorization using Casper.

CrypKey Instant can with in conjunction with Casper, however you need to configure your software through CrypKey Instant to be able to talk to the Casper server that you set up on your site.